Your Council

The Council consists of 9 elected Members. Elections to the Town Council are held every 4 years. Any vacancies that occur during the four years, known as 'casual vacancies', are filled by another election or by co-option of a new Member.

The full Town Council meets on the third Monday of every month (except December when the Council meets on the second Monday). All meetings are held at The Town Hall in Berkeley, starting at 7.30pm and are open to the public. There is a Planning & Finance Committee that meets at the Town Hall on the second Tuesday of every month, starting at 7.30pm. There is also a Sarah's Field Committee which meets as and when necessary (notice of a meeting will be published on the Town Hall notice board - these meetings are also open to the public.

The Council is led by a Chairman - Councillor Keith Palmer

The day to day Council business is managed by the Town Clerk - Debbie Spiers.

Berkeley Town Council is responsible for the following facilities in and around the town of Berkeley:

  • Berkeley Town Hall, Salter Street

  • The Pavilion and Field at Canon Park Recreational Facility

  • Park View Play Area

  • The Allotments at Oakhunger Lane

  • Sarah's Field, Lynch Road