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Sarah's Field Project is progressing nicely and we will soon be constructing the pond complex. There will be a dipping platform one large pond one smaller pond with a marshy area in between. This will all help with conservation of biodiversity in what will become a wildlife water meadow. The field previously known as "Lynch Ground" was gifted to Berkeley Town Council by Mrs Angela Thorne. Mrs Thorne asked us to name the field after her Mother who used to keep her horse there.

 Berkeley Town Council has had to raise the funds required to create this wonderful open space for the enjoyment of the people of Berkeley. We have raised some of the funds, £15,000.00, through the precept (council tax) and grants from outside bodies. We received £10,000.00 from Stroud District Council because we supported the building of affordable homes on the rural exception site now known as Butler Close. We also received a grant of £ 5,000.00 funded by the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust with Landfill Communities Fund provided by Cory Environmental.  We will have to give £500.00 of this grant to Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust because they were a great help with our grant application. 

When Sarah's Field Project is completed it will provide a public open space that is available to all residents of Berkeley. There will be close mown paths running through the wide number of diverse native plants. There will be fruit trees in the community orchard, picnic benches to sit at and local native wildlife to observe. We will provide a waste bin and a dog waste bin, entrance gates and fencing plus an information board showing plants, birds and fauna to look out for. 





About Us

Berkeley is an ancient English settlement, referred to in the Doomsday book as "Berchelai". Berkeley is the birthplace of Edward Jenner, the originator of vaccination, who in 1796 discovered the vaccine for smallpox. The Vicarage, Edward Jenner's home is now  Dr. Jenner's House Museum and Garden, you can still see the hut in the garden where he carried out his first vaccinations. The town is also noted for Berkeley Castle, the site of the imprisonment and gruesome murder of King Edward II in 1327. Berkeley is a neighbour to the site of Berkeley Power Station, the first commercial nuclear power station to enter service in the UK.

The town is located mid-way between Bristol and Gloucester on the south bank of the River Severn. The town sits on a hill, surrounded by marshland which forms part of the flood plain for the River Severn. The central area of Berkeley is a designated conservation area and includes many listed buildings.

Following the 1974 re-organisation of Local Government, the Parish of Berkeley regained its Town Status and its Mayor. Within these pages there is information about the Town Council and the facilities it provides. If you would like to find out more about Berkeley Town Council, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Council Office.